Brainalytics helps Factoring providers to detect fraudulent credit applications and assess credit risk more precisely

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Fraud Detection

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Credit risk assessment

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Protect your business from credit fraud

For decades, Factoring was only available to companies of a considerably amount of revenue and cash flow. Extensive financial and identity checks made invoice discounting inefficient to offer for small scale credit volumes.

By automating and digitalizing application processes, it is now possible to offer refinancing solutions to small companies and freelancers as well. To protect your Factoring business from being tricked in automated lending, we developed our Brainalytics Fraud Detection System (BFDS) to help you identifying potential fraudsters.

Brainalytics’ Fraud Detection Management System makes use of an extensive set of information regarding bank and identity details, website behavior, business registrations and so on to check your customers’ trustworthiness.


Assess credit risk more precisely

Robust credit risk assessment und pricing tools are essential for every credit lender to succeed. Brainalytics developed a credit scoring engine using information i.e. from bank statements to perform credit analysis faster and offer a credit decision within only a few seconds.

Our pricing tool uses information from our credit scoring engine to determine risk-based interest rates. Thereby, the portfolio model enables you to identify, measure, manage and monitor credit risk.

Our solution enables you to propose competitive prices while at the same time ensuring sufficient profit margins. We make use of standard APIs to ensure full functionality with your working system and allow adjustments to be made by your credit specialists easily.

Benefits with Brainalytics


Maximize Factoring revenues

Brainalytics identifies legitimate creditors and makes it easier for your company to offer them conditions they deserve.


Expand your business

Our scalable solution adapts to meet your evolving needs as you enter markets or launch new credit products.


Improve customer journey

Partner with us to fasten credit process and offer a risk-adjusted credit pricing with a few seconds.


Why our clients choose us

To offer the best solutions possible, we incorporate both our longtime experience in banking and our technical expertise in machine learning and data science which we demonstrated in working with multinational banks and financial institutes in the recent years.

By doing so, supplying our clients with tailor-made software solutions becomes our first goal. We further develop our risk management environment to become a leading supplier for specialized banking software.


We develop individual solutions with and for our customers. When you are keen to learn about the Brainalytics ecosystem please leave us a message or e-mail us directly to







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